King's Crystal Bungalows

Big-Kings-Cottages Project Name King’s Crystal Bungalows

The project is conveniently located on main Bypass Road, Sukkur near Sukkur Airport in the most serene locality.(Sukkur)

Type Bungalows
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Introducing Dubai style modern living in Sukkur the project of King’s Crystal Bungalws offers 120, 150 and 160 sq yds luxury bungalows, 150 and 200 sq yds commercial plots and showroom style shops. It is planned to offer peace of mind with best security system and enjoyable facilities of modern era. It is easily accessible from all areas of city, situated near Sukkur Airport.

Payment Plan Layout Plan Types of Plan's Location
SS 80 Ground Floor Plan
     SS 120 Ground Floor Plan  
    SS 160 Ground Floor Plan  
    120 Ground Floor Plan  
    80 Ground Floor Plan  
    120 First Floor Plan  
    80 First Floor Plan  

  • Started in 2013, completion in 2016
  • Near three beautiful lakes originating from Indus River
  • Main Sukkur Bypass
  • Unmatched luxury at economic price
  • Aesthetically designed bungalows
  • 500 houses of 120, 150, 160 sq. yrds.
  • Gated community
  • High quality of construction




  • CCTV Camera
  • Mosque
  • Park
  • Play Area
  • Prime location
  • Main Gate & Boundary Wall
  • Underground Electricity
  • Main Commercial Area & Surrounding
  • Waste Management System
  • Wide Roads
  • Underground Telephone, Sui Gas, Water Supply & Sewerage System

Picture Gallery

Banglow_Shot_01.jpgBanglow_Shot_02.jpgCCTV_Camera.jpgEnterances_Gate - 01.jpgEnterances_Gate - 02.jpgMASJID.jpgMP - 01.jpgMP - 04.jpgPupming_Station.jpgSchool.jpgTwo_Banglow_Shot_.jpgWater_Tank.jpg